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北卡罗莱纳州 (About North Carolina)

北卡简介 (RTP Overview English Version)

北卡罗利 (RTP 东硅谷)简介 (国內 YouKu 优酷 版)

北卡罗利 (RTP 东硅谷)简介 (YouTube Version)


North Carolina Department of Commerce

Economic Development

北卡罗莱纳州立新闻稿 (NC State Press Release)


Mar 23rd, 2020



Feb 5th, 2020



北卡三角房地产投资全体祝您2020 鼠年大吉!


Dec 17, 2019



Sept 13, 2019

Happy Moon Festival!


Aug 14, 2019

Hannah Chan was invited as Guest Speaker of Triangle International Council luncheon.


Aug 2, 2019

侨报:Hannah Chan - 国际领袖基金会北卡分会顾问团赴华盛顿参加庆典


Jul 19, 2019



Jul 05, 2019



Jun 21, 2019


International Leadership Foundation North Carolina Chapter Chair - Hannah Chan

May 22, 2019

Congratulations on Hannah's graduation from Cary Leadership!


May 17, 2019

侨报: 林地藏着“摇钱树”——北卡投资新方向


May 17, 2019

侨报: 4145万美元的交易额是怎样炼成的——三角区个人房产经济销售亚军陈汉娜的成功之道

Hannah Chan: Her Way to Success

Had made the 2nd highest amount of sales in realty industry in 2018, Hannah's rule of thumbs to success is simple and straight —— working hard. She appreciates her husband and her team for they always be supportive for her. 


May 4, 2019

Congrats to Hannah was ranked #2 by Triangle Business Journal as 2018 Residential Real Estate Agent!



April 19, 2019

侨报: 罗利+杭州 缔结友好合作


April 05, 2019


Celebrating Cary Raleigh Realty 11th Anniversary at Sheraton Hotel


September 22, 2018

Dragon Boat Festival 龙舟节

Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. was proud to be one of sponsors for the 5th Annual Triangle Area Dragon Boat Festival. Thank Cary Mayor Harold visiting our booth during the festival.


September 20, 2018






Hannah Chan and Leo Chan from Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. representing RTP Chapter of Carolinas Chamber of Commerce (南北卡工商总会) attended the Chinese National Day Celebration at the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C.


September 12, 2018
Hannah Chan -- International Experts Panel

Congratulations to Hannah Chan being selected as one of the experts for the 2018 International Day sponsored by the Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors -- "Join Our Panel of International Experts to Expand Your Business Beyond Borders!" This is a special honor for her and her professional team.


August 2018

Congrats to Leo Chan from Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. to be appointed as Vice President of the Carolinas Chinese Chamber of Commerce -- RTP Chapter.



July 5, 2018

Triangle Real Producers Cover Story of Hannah Chan. 

As a top real estate broker, Hannah Chan believes in leaving a positive footprint in the community:  “Love what you do, give while you can, and learn all the time.”

Cary Raleigh Realty’s top team members love the opportunity to welcome others to the community. They are excited and ready to help you find a home here in the Triangle. 


May 22, 2018

陳海娜獲選北卡最有影響力經紀人 舉辦講座 提供完整概念 嘉惠首次購屋者 (Video 视频)

舉辦講座 提供完整概念 嘉惠首次購屋者


May 6, 2018

Cary Raleigh Reality in Triangle Business Journal:

Congratuations to Hannah Chan for her accomplishment, ranked #4 real estate agent for 2017 by Triangle Business Journal.  Hannah and her experienced team at Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. are committed to providing the best service with excellence and integrity. 


March 17, 2018 

(Video 视频)



十周年庆典 三角房地产业绩喜人


陳海娜三角房地產十年有成 連年突破銷售紀錄 獲三角區成交最多經紀人獎

三角房地產十年有成 連年突破銷售紀錄


February 25, 2018

Client Appreciation Party at the Mayton Inn Again....bigger and better event with entertainers, magician, games and more.....

2018 Client Appreciation Party Video (客户答谢会视频)

Thanks to our special guests, sponsors, friends and clients for coming to our 2018 Client Appreciation Party this evening!! We were so blessed to have over 300 VIP and clients including Cary Mayor, Harold; NC House of Representative Gale Adcock; Cary Chamber President, Howard Johnson, Carolinas Chinese Chamer of Commerce Chairman, Richard Yang, NC Department of Commerce Global Business Recruitment Director, Angel Liu and Asian Focus President Lily Chan and more. We cannot celebrate our 10 years anniversary with all of your trust and support! We are very honored and blessed to be here, and love to continue to celebrate another 10 years with our friends and clients, new and old.



March 18, 2017

Client Appreciation Party at The Mayton Inn in Downtown Cary.

Close to 250 guests joined us at Mayton Inn for our client appreciation party!! Thanks for our Mayor Harold, Senate Gale and all other VIP guests from supporting Cary-Raleigh Realty in all those years!! We had great time and thanks for joining us!!



March 9, 2017

Hannah Chan Winner of 2017 TBJ Residential Real Estate Award

Congratulations to Hannah Chan of Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. for being one of the winners of the 2017 Triangle Business Journal Residential Real Estate Award. It is her second year in a row achieving this top honor. She and her team thank their friends and clients' trust and confidence in their expertise and experiences in the real estate business and transactions for achieving this award.

三角商业杂志Triangle Business Journal 颁布了2017家用房地产奖2017 Residential Real Estate Awards的获奖者

在过去的一年里,三角地区房地产销售量获得了打破历史记录性的骄人业绩。这周二,三角商业杂志Triangle Business Journal 颁布了2017家用房地产奖2017 Residential Real Estate Awards的获奖者。总计有100多经纪公司把成绩交上去参加评选。这些候选者在2016年总计销售7277套住宅,约23亿美元销售额。在所有候选人当中,共有9名成功的经纪人和中介团队获奖,另外还有6个建筑商也获此殊荣。颁奖典礼将在今年4月于Prestonwood Country Club 举行。获奖的六个建筑商为:
•Bost Custom Homes
•Distinctive Remodeling
•Hearthstone Luxury Homes LLC dba Arthur Rutenberg Homes
•M/I Homes
•Toll Brothers
Traditions at Wake Forest


•Van Fletcher of Allen Tate Realtors
•Hannah Chan of Cary-Raleigh Realty Inc.
•The Jim Allen Group of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston
•Ashley Wilson of Wilson Realty Group/Keller Williams
•Homes by Dickerson Real Estate LLC of Homes by Dickerson
•Jaclyn Smith of Jaclyn Smith Properties
•Tina Caul of Re/Max United
•Jennifer Spencer of Spencer PropertiesMonica Meinken of Toll Brothers.



March 9, 2017

Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. Client Appreciation Event to be held at the Mayton Inn (Four Star) in Downtown Cary.


February 1, 2017

Welcome Leo Chan to join our real estate team full time!!

Leo brings wealth of commercial real estate investing experiences to our team.

Welcome Leo to join our team full time!! We expect the local real estate market will be hot in 2017. Our year-to-date # of transactions has way exceeded January, 2016. We will be able to serve more friends and clients with Leo coming on board full time. If you need to sell or buy, please let us know.

We would like to welcome Leo Chan, Duke MBA, CSAP officially joined Cary Raleigh Realty, Inc. full time to serve our Triangle home buyers and sellers.He has extensive real estate knowledge & real estate investing experiences; and he got his NC real estate license in 2005! He has lived in Cary since 1995! He is also the founder and President of Lantern Partners Investment LLC! Please feel free to call Leo at 919-426-1043 for any of your real estate need!!


September 18, 2016 (China Press)


本报记者白松北卡图文报道】你听说过北卡创业园吗? 这是一个什么样的园子呢? 近日,记者采访了创业园的创办人陈海娜(Hannah Chan)和创业园里的创业家们。
  北卡创业园位位于凯瑞 (Cary)的Kildaire Farm商业中心,从凯瑞市中心顺着Kildaire Farm路往南走,不到一英里,5分钟就到了,马路东边,远远望去,“北卡创业园 901 Cary Professional Park”几个深底白字的牌匾很醒目挂在庭院围墙的圆拱形门上,白色的围墙上边的边框和北卡创业园的牌匾底色一样,都是深灰色,拱形园门两边是两个银灰色的高过腰身的金属花瓶,围墙边地上铺了一层红色的覆盖物(Mulch),协调中透着一丝清爽的中国风,停车场围绕院墙四周,进入园门,里面还真是一个很标致的四合院,两边的厢房是一层高的房屋,后面的主楼是个小二层,小庭院收拾的整洁舒适,白色的墙壁,公司标牌和屋顶、轮廓都是深灰色,配上绿色的树木,地上的覆盖物是红色,白、黑、绿、红,非常和谐静宁,别具一格,与创业园的的创办人和各创业主们交谈,立刻打破了这种宁静,而感到了这里创业者们的热血和对未来的追求和打拼。
  2015年初见到这个小庭院,正中海娜的“创业园”的下怀, 她觉得这个小庭院很有氛围,很适合培养未来企业家,年青的华人企业家聚在一起,抱团取暖,互相鼓励,位置也很好,Kildaire Farm商业区有不少的小企业,离发展中的凯瑞市中心咫尺之遥。四合院总的建筑面积是一万平尺,有大小规格不同的房间可供创业家们选用,价格非常有竞争力,两边的厢房和后面的主楼里都有一些公共的空间,供大家聚会或者开会使用。
  2015年5月,创业园过户不久,陈海娜迎来了创业园的第一位房客,Edward Mu穆援越律师事务所,很快鼎嘉保险 Grace Shen和RDU Mortgage Lisa Wu也进驻了创业园,这样华人的服务业逐渐形成了一个互助合作链,除了给客户一些便利外,也会产生一些互赢的效益。
  早一批入住的鼎嘉保险的沈脂红(Grace Shen)说,这样可以把资源整合起来,为华人服务提高效率,一家搞定,还有我们和海娜的经营理念很默契,彼此互赢。
  Aohey LLC 手机软件开发公司的年青老板石仁达已经开办公司一年多,本来住在一个高大上的办公楼里,也已经和海娜签订了入住合约,主要是看上了这里的创业氛围,也便于发展华人客户,再加上租金要便宜很多。
  Datalenty公司的总裁张涛(Tony Zhang),这里的创业氛围让他找到了自己创业方向的定位,为广大中小企业提供长远的金融理财服务,并且经营自己的本行公司的IT管理和个人发展的咨询,还有心愿意投资扶持有前景的年青人。
  海娜2005年来北卡,2006年开启了三角区房地产经纪人的职业生涯,2009年成立了北卡州三角区房地产投资顾问公司Cary-Raleigh Realty Inc,从当初北卡中国中心的助理每小时10$开始干起,到目前成为三角区房地产赫赫有名的专业房地产买卖、出租和管理服务公司,2011、2013、2014、2015、2016年被三角区商业杂志评选为前25名北卡三角区优秀房地产经纪人,2016年获得三角区商业杂志颁发的“房屋成交过户最多经纪人奖”,这是从三角区将近9000名持有执照的房地产经纪人中选拔出来的。


September 2, 2016 (Epoch Times)


August 26, 2016

Car-Raleigh Realty, Inc. is happy to sponsor the "Turning Ideas into Successful Enterprises" -- A Panel Discussion" community service event at Duke Innovation Center tonight.


May 27, 2016 Triangle Business Journal

Top Chinese Real Estate Agent in the Triangle (三角区华裔房地产经纪人中名列第一)

Triangle Business Journal Book of List for Residential Real Estate Agent Ranking by Sales

Hannah Chan is ranked # 5 for residential real estate sales in 2015, the top Chinese Real Estate Agent in the Triangle Area.  Hannah also received the Triangle Business Journal 2016 Residential Real Estate Award for highest # of sales transactions in 2015.


陈海娜,在2015年三角区商业杂志根据销售额排名房产经纪人的评选中,名列第五,她在三角区华裔房地产经纪人中名列第一。同时,陈海娜也获得了三角区商业杂志颁发的 “2015年房屋成交次数最多经纪人奖”。


May 2016 Site Selection Magazine

(North Carolina tied with Texas as # 1 Most Competitiveness State)

Ask any CEO or any athlete: The truest test of competitiveness is finding out how you respond to a challenge.

Today, Texas is confronting an energy sector downturn that has meant thousands of job losses, even as projects from so many other sectors keep landing there. In North Carolina, the downturn takes the form of a widely shared frown, as newly passed legislation many view as discriminatory to the LGBT community has caused major company project cancellations, event pullouts and boycotts of the state.

But if any territories are built to withstand such storms, these two are. In the analysis for Site Selection’s annual Prosperity Cup (formerly named the Competitiveness Award), Texas and North Carolina finish in a tie for No. 1, based on an index of 10 criteria that measure corporate project activity and business climate attractiveness.

What do both states’ economic development portfolios have in common? The same things any investment portfolio would: Breadth, depth and economic diversity.

“There’s a strong case here that because of the data saying North Carolina is a great place, its reputation is going to withstand the storm,” says Leonard Ponzi, managing partner of ReputationInc. and former managing partner of the Reputation Institute. (No, no relation to the infamous Charles Ponzi of the eponymous scheme, he says, acknowledging the irony of his chosen métier.) At the same time, it’s up to North Carolina to address the issues. “Stakeholders just want to have a clear position,” he says.

The state’s position of strength is clear enough, most recently bolstered by a AAA bond rating and record venture capital numbers. North Carolina Commerce Secretary John Skvarla responded by email in April to questions from Site Selection:

Site Selection Managing Editor Adam Bruns: Describe the level of concern, project delays and conversation that the social legislation has sparked with existing and prospect companies looking to grow in North Carolina. What are hearing from foreign company leaders in particular, and what are your team’s chief talking points in these conversations?

Secretary of Commerce John E. Skvarla, III: Any time the state is mentioned in national news stories where some issue is under debate, company executives are naturally curious, so the number of conversations we’ve had recently has increased due to the media attention. But maintaining dialogue with company leaders is something we do all of the time, sharing facts and explaining our programs and recent legislation. In this case, we’ve found company leaders really don’t know what’s in the law, only misunderstood bits and pieces they’ve seen in the media. I don’t find much difference between foreign and domestic leaders in this regard.

“It’s our can-do attitude that shines through. That’s an intangible companies notice about our workforce and mention often.”
— North Carolina Secretary of Commerce John E. Skvarla, III
The key and most unrealized fact is that in North Carolina private companies can make any rules and accommodations that they deem appropriate for their organization. There is no over-reach by the state into their human resource functions. We also remind people of the long and successful track records of the companies that call North Carolina home, companies that have built their success in partnership with the warm and welcoming people of our state.

Bruns: When you speak to corporate leaders of companies that have recently announced projects, which factor do they most often cite as critical to their investment decision?

Skvarla: The key factor often comes down to North Carolina’s talented and skilled workers. Interestingly enough, in many ways it’s not just their specific skills, or the fact North Carolina workers have the nation’s best customized training programs to keep them sharp — it’s our can-do attitude that shines through. That’s an intangible companies notice about our workforce and mention often.”

Bruns: What do you view as the most innovative aspects of NC’s economic development portfolio today?

Skvarla: We have several innovative things underway that will make a real impact. To speed major site development for large industrial projects, we have reserved up to $35 million over the next three years to meet public infrastructure needs at qualifying locations, thanks to a collaboration between the GoldenLEAF Foundation and the Rural Infrastructure Authority, which is supported by my team at North Carolina Commerce.

Another initiative is our Innovation to Jobs program, which includes a Venture Multiplier fund of $40 million to support technology transfers. Finally, we’re fundamentally rethinking how we utilize the state’s assets to generate income, particularly our underutilized real estate assets. We call this Project Phoenix, and it will create thousands of construction, engineering, architecture, logistics and finance jobs over the coming years.



March 18, 2016

Reported by (Chinese Newspaper)

2016 Triangle Business Journal Residential Real Estate Award -- Highest # of transactions in 2015

陳海娜 獲房屋成交次數最多經紀獎

以促進北卡三角地區企業發展為宗旨的「三角商業雜誌」(Triangle Business Journal),每年從該地區將近9000名持有執照的房地產經紀人中,選出成交次數最多的房地產經紀人,於普雷斯頓鄉村俱樂部頒獎表揚。今年該項榮譽由來自香港的陳海娜(Hannah Chan)獲得,是該獎有史以來第一位亞裔女性得主。






Translation of the Chinese press article assisted by Google Translate:

“One of the main goals for the Triangle Business Journal (TBJ) is to promote the development of enterprises in the Triangle area of North Carolina.  To that goal, every year TBJ select the top producers among the 9000 licensed real estate professionals and teams in the Triangle area and recognize those individuals and teams at the award ceremony held at the Prestonwood Country Club in Cary. This year, Hannah Chan (Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc.) originally from Hong Kong received the 2016 Triangle Business Journal Residential Real Estate Award (Individual) – Ranked by Transactions (# 1 in the number of transactions in 2015), the first Asian (Chinese) woman receiving such an honor.

Hannah and her husband moved from the Bay Area, CA to the Cary Raleigh area in North Carolina 11 years ago because “they wanted to find a nurturing and healthy environment to raise their daughter”. She says, “There are three reasons for selecting Cary Raleigh area as their home: first, affordable home prices – one can purchase a “mansion” in the Cary Raleigh area at a similar price for “an old cottage” in the Bay Area; second, the residents in the Research Triangle Park area are mostly professionals – family and education are their virtues; third, beautiful environment with plenty of trees and flowers, mild climate and low crime rate – “a paradise for the middle class”.

After deciding to settle in the Cary Raleigh area, Hannah started the home buying process. Through the process she was inspired to become the expert in real estate sales transactions and property investment by getting specialized designations and certifications through advanced studies such as the Graduate Realtor Institute and Triangle Relator Leadership Academy. She started her own company, and now has a team of seven including English, Chinese (Mandarin), Cantonese, Fuzhou and Hindi speaking real estate brokers.

Hannah Chan had 126 sales transactions in 2015, an average of 10 transactions per month. She says, “this high transaction rate is attributed to social media marketing, words of mouth, high client satisfaction, excellent client testimonials and more importantly referrals by friends and clients.”

Majoring in Accounting in college, she worked as an auditor in Deloitte accounting firm before turning her passion in the real estate business.  She says, “I like to help people make money in real estate sales and property investment, and am most satisfying by seeing  good return on investment in my client’s sales transaction and investment. I am not just someone who just handles the sales process but seeing myself as the gatekeeper for my clients – looking out for their best interests and providing them the honest analysis (advantages and disadvantages) and market insights to the property being considered -- the key foundation of our company brand reputation."

Hannah says, “with grateful and thankful heart in giving back to the Chinese community in the Triangle area, last year, she purchased the 901 Professional Center buildings in Cary with an architecture like an emperor courtyard in Beijing, named as “North Carolina Incubator”, to provide affordable office space to aspiring entrepreneurs, start ups and SMB (Small Medium Business) from the Chinese community in the Triangle area so they have an opportunity to build and nurture their fledging businesses into enterprises. Now there are many new businesses at the “North Carolina Incubator” including legal, insurance, mortgage, business consulting, venture capital, home inspection, mortgage and other services serving the Chinese community at large in the Triangle area.”


February 25, 2015

Hannah Chan (Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc.) is humbled and honored to receive the Triangle Business Journal 2016 Residential Real Estate Award -- Ranked by Transactions (First Place Winner among 8500 individual licensed real estate agent in the Triangle, ranked by transactions), and the award ceremony was held at the Prestonwood Country Club in Cary on February 25, 2016.  She is the first Asian/ Chinese Female real estate agent in the Triangle (Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, Morrisville, Apex, Wake Forest, Holly Springs & vicinity) receiving such an award.  Her team were at the award ceremony to celebrate it with her.

Hannah is hoping that this award could encourage other female Chinese/ Asian Americans in the Triangle area to strive for their very best, and their accomplishments can also be recognized by the business community at large in the Triangle area.

Hannah would like to thank God for all of His blessings, and share this award with her team, clients and friends.


February 14, 2016

200+ friends and clients came out to the Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. Clients Appreciation Event to celebrate Valentine's Day with us.... plenty of food and drink.... magician performance and photo booth and more for a wonderful and fun evening together.


February 10, 2016

Congratulations to Hannah Chan (Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc.) to be awarded the certificate of completion of the 2015 Triangle Realtors Leadership Academy (TRLA).
Admission to the TRLA is very competitive and selective.

"The Academy is a year long program through which REALTORS® learn essential skills for taking a leadership role in their industry and in the community. Past President of RRAR and 2008 Leadership Academy Chair-person Carolyn Kasdorf says, “This is a unique opportunity enabling graduates with skills to enhance all aspects of their lives. The phenomenal program is taught by a nationally acclaimed faculty.”


January 27, 2016

North Carolina Welcome Cui (Chinese Ambassador to the U.S.)

(The Chinese Embassy hosted a reception in Charlotte for the Chinese business and community leaders in North Carolina and South Carolina to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  This is the first such event hosted by the Chinese Embassy outside the Washington D.C.  Hannah Chan representing Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc.  attended this reception and had the opportunity to meet with Ambassador Cui, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina Secretary of Commerce John Skvarla.)

(中国驻美国大使崔天凯专程到北卡罗来纳州夏洛特市,举行中国驻美国大使馆2016年春节招待会。Hannah Chan 很荣幸和其他官员于2016年1月27日与中国大使崔天凯,州长帕特·麦克罗伊在北卡庆祝中国春节!!这是第一次中国大使馆在北卡罗来纳州举办庆祝活动.)

Some Remarks On North Carolina from Chinese Ambassador Cui: "He praised North Carolina for its universities, businesses and access to nature..."North Carolina, which has a dynamic Chinese community, is an important trading partner of China,” said Cui. “We look forward to more robust growth in trade, investment, tourism, education as well as people-to-people exchanges between China and North Carolina."

Excerpts from Charlotte Observer article: "For years, Chinese imports produced at lower wages competed with some of North Carolina’s primary industries, especially furniture and textiles. That cost jobs and led to wholesale closures of plants as American manufacturers couldn’t keep up with the lower prices.

But the economy has changed: China is no longer the low-wage “factory of the world” it once was, and as its economy grows more sophisticated and richer, Chinese investors are looking to the U.S. for opportunity. In 2013, Shangui International Holdings bought Smithfield, a meat producer with major hog operations in North Carolina.

Chinese textile company Keer opened a new, $218 million mill last year in Lancaster County, about 6 miles south of Ballantyne. In a reversal of the U.S. textile jobs-to-China trend, the mill will employ about 500 American workers.

In uptown, China Orient Summit Capital is financing a $122 million office tower under construction at 615 S. College St.

China is North Carolina’s third-largest export market, according to the U.S.-China Business Council, behind Canada and Mexico. In 2014, North Carolina’s exports to China totaled $2.7 billion, led by computers and electronics, chemicals and crop production goods."


January 21, 2016

Congratulations to Hannah Chan (Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc.) to be awarded the  2016 Top 10 Residential Real Estate Winners by Triangle Business Journal.  

The ranking of the Top 10 winners will be announced at the award event.

"The nominations are in and all the results have been tallied for Triangle Business Journal's inaugural Residential Real Estate Awards.
In all, 10 of the Triangle's most successful real estate agents and agent teams, as well as five of the top home building companies in the region, will be honored at a special awards luncheon event scheduled for Feb. 25 at Prestonwood Country Club in Cary."

"Here's the list of winners in alphabetical order by company represented in the residential real estate agent categories:

Hannah Chan of Cary-Raleigh Realty Inc.;
Chris Faughnan of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston;
Gary Nelson of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston;
The Jim Allen Group of Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston;
Debbie Van Horn of Fonville Morisey;
Raleigh Home Team of Fonville Morisey;
Wilson Realty Group of Keller Williams Preferred Realty;
Veneta Ford Group of Fonville Morisey;
Homes by Dickerson Real Estate LLC of Homes by Dickerson; and
Jennifer Spencer of Spencer Properties."


December 12, 2015

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve your real estate needs in 2015!! We wish a Wonderful Christmas and many blessings in 2016


Why People Relocating to Cary? What about Zip Code 27519?

November 20, 2015

An insightful article from TBJ: "Mapping Wealth in the Triangle"

Here are some excepts from the TBJ article about Cary and Zip Code 27519:

"After honing in on North Carolina as the place to begin rasing their family, Dan Ryder and his wife Eva eventually chose Cary. But coming from New Jersey, Eva had her suspicions.

“She jokingly asked me, ‘Why Cary? All the same people are going to be there,’” Dan says....

Relocating from Morristown, New Jersey, the Ryders confess they heard a lot about the area from friends who either moved here from the Northeastern U.S. or knew of people who did.

“But if you’re down here, you wanted a different life,” Dan says. “The hospitality here is better.”

The Ryders, both pharmacists, settled in the Cary ZIP code of 27519 with their two infant children. They chose the area for its suburban feel, its proximity to parks, including Thomas E. Brooks Park, and its commitment to keeping common areas neat and tidy. The average home price in the neighborhood they chose hovers just above $400,000....

“And we feel like our tax dollars go further here,” he says.

The area the Ryders are now a part of is the zenith of wealth in the Triangle area. According to data collected by The Business Journals, a parent publication of Triangle Business Journal, the Cary ZIP code of 27519 has the highest affluence score, based on a number of factors, including per capita income, median household income and median home value. Other neighborhoods in the wealthiest ZIP code include Cameron Pond, Highcroft Village and a portion of the Preston area.

In addition, the nationwide study looked at a number of other contributors to affluence...

Intellectual wealth
The area of Cary that ranks the highest not only possesses the highest median household income and the highest percentage of workers earning more than $100,000 per year, it also lays claim to high intellectual wealth. The area scored the highest percentage of adults with bachelor’s degrees, at nearly 74 percent, and one of the highest percentages of adults with advanced degrees, at 32 percent....

Retail influence
Where wealth lives, people spend. So where do people in the Triangle’s most affluent ZIP codes shop? In Cary’s 27519, residents are likely to make a stop at Cary Park Town Center – anchored by Harris Teeter and CVS – or Parkside Town Commons, which is home to the new Field & Stream outdoor recreational store and Golf Galaxy...."


Cary ranked # 6 America's Best Cities to Live by 24/7 Wall St.

November 5, 2015

The top five cities are Meridian, Idaho; Danbury, Connecticut; John's Creek, Georgia; Centennial, Colorado; and Eagan, Minnesota.

"6. Cary, North Carolina

> Population: 155,724
> Median home value: $298,800
> Poverty rate: 7.3%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 61.8%
> Amenities per 100,000 residents: 256.2

Cary is a wealthy suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital. Although the typical home in Cary costs $298,000 — $83,000 more than in Raleigh and almost twice the price of real estate in North Carolina as a whole — residents can afford it. The typical household in Cary makes $92,000 a year, almost twice the statewide median household income. Moreover, when adjusted for the city’s low cost of living, that figure increases by about $4,000.

Cary has one of the most educated populations nationwide — nearly 62% of adults have at least a bachelor’s degree. The nearby Research Triangle Park (RTP), a corporate research center located between UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University, and NC State, employs much of Cary’s qualified workforce. Only 3.7% of the city’s workforce is unemployed. A bulk of Cary’s workforce works in or around RTP, and just 3.7% are unemployed, one of the lowest unemployment rates of any city. Cary is also one of the safest places in America. In the past decade, the city’s population grew 44.9%, one of the largest increases nationwide." as summarized by 24/7 Wall St.

Read more: America’s 50 Best Cities to Live - 24/7 Wall St.



First Commercial Properties in North Carolina by the Lantern Partners Investment LLC

     -- office space and co-working space

           for local entrepreneurs and SMB.


September 19, 2015

Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. is honored to be one of the sponsors for the Second Annual Dragon Boat Festival in Cary.

Hannah Chan is flanked by Harold Weinbrecht (Cary Mayor) and Gale Adcock (NC House of Representative) in the photo at the Dragon Boat Festival VIP reception.


May 15 2015 Epoch Times



——訪Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. 房地產投資公司創辦人Hannah Chan

Hannah Chan是北卡三角區一位事業有成的女企業家,房地產千萬經紀人,她所擁有的Cary Raleigh Realty公司,有六位全職員工;她還購買了一幢商業樓,裝修後準備出租給華人創辦的公司
【大紀元2015年06月26日訊】(大紀元記者謝漫雪北卡報導)在很多美國人的眼裡,北卡是一界鄉下。十年前,當Hannah Chan隨先生Leo從硅谷搬遷到北卡來的時候,搬家公司的人對她說:「哦,北卡,你不需要電視,北卡沒有電視。」一頭霧水的Hannah,在剛搬遷到北卡三角區時,的確有些惶惑和不知所措……

然而十年後的今天,Hannah Chan已成為北卡三角區一位事業有成的女企業家,開拓出了自己的一片天地,並深深地愛上了「沒有電視的」北卡。她說:「甚麼也不能讓我離開這裡了。我退休後就住在這兒。」
做為房地產的千萬經紀人,在三角區7000多名房地產經紀人中,2013年Hannah的過戶成交量排在第18位,2014年排在第17位。她所擁有的Cary Raleigh Realty公司,又名北卡三角房地產投資公司,目前有六位全職員工;近期她在Cary市區還購買了一幢商業樓,裝修後準備出租給華人創辦的公司,「加州的很多商業中心都是中文字,我希望我們這裡也有這樣類似的創業的地方。」 她希望能引領更多的華人到北卡三角區發展、創業. 「很多人還不了解北卡,這個地方有很多的潛力,我從加州搬過來,看到人與人之間的關係很親密、熱情,大家見面不認識都打招呼。這邊還有4萬多中國人,不管你是甚麼背景,這個社區很包容,互相照顧。我希望更多的商家、企業能看到這邊的機會,到這邊發展、創業。這裡只要好好地去做,按照規矩去做,不需要惡性的競爭,就能做好.」

己若不慾 勿施於人

做房地產要面對很多的誘惑。Hannah說,有一次她的一個租客為了讓小孩上大學繳州內學費,問Hannah能不能把他的租約寫到兩年前,並承諾給Hannah好處。「我看著他,就沒有想過還有這樣的事情。」雖然可以為對方省很多學費,但Hannah最後還是跟他說:「我真的沒有辦法這樣做。這不是說我不想幫你……」Hannah 說,「這種事情很多,方方面面都可能出現,大家為了幾千塊錢就這樣做……」很多時候Hannah只有說:「謝謝你,這個offer太好了,但是我們沒有辦法接受。」


Hannah認為,一個正式的辦公室是服務必備的。所以,她在2013年買下了目前在凱瑞市中心的辦公室。「如果是做出租管理的,很多客戶是來辦公室申請、繳費、交納租金等等,他們要求你不可以只有一個「virtual office」。我的大部分房東都是中國客戶,租客都是老美,在外面打電話、簽租約是不可能的。你做甚麼樣的工作就應該提供相應的條件設施,不能因為對自己要求低,也希望客戶的要求低。不做就不做,做就要做到位。我覺得這是中國人一個形象問題。」
其次,Hannah 要求自己的團隊為顧客提供專業的服務水準。「我平時非常忙,員工也很忙,有空的時候我們就開會,討論怎樣把事情做得更好,怎麼樣提高工作的流程。我們鑰匙有幾百套,這麼多的文件,看房、找租客、簽約,這麼多的事情就要求一定有一個團隊去完成,這不是一個人能顧的過來的。所以我要求的是全職的工作人員,我們要的是專業的工作人員,我們客戶都是很嚴肅的投資者,他們需要最好的服務,他們需要人幫他們找到更好的投資,所以我們就是房地產的投資顧問,我們建立的是財富。」
GRI (The Graduate, REALTOR Institute) 是房地產專職人員獲得的碩士學位認證,是提供高水平專業服務的標誌。「在三角區只有我一個人拿到GRI,我不單是做房地產,就是說我要幫客戶爭取最多的利益,無論是價錢、投資、回報等。」 Hannah說。
前幾年經濟大蕭條時,有許多法拍房上市,Hannah還特意去考了CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) 執照。「我們有一個專業的管理團隊,我們每個人都在這個領域提升自己,我們外地的客戶買了投資房,他們需要有人在這邊幫助照看,所以買了房以後事情也很多。我們公司還購買了專業的軟件來方便客戶,各種軟件的維護費每月都上千。我們24小時為客戶服務,租戶在網上就可以預訂看房的時間。」


Hannah是會計專業畢業,出來後曾在大審計公司工作,對數字非常敏感。她說:「北卡這邊是中產階層的天堂,生活的質量非常高,房地產稅比其它地方都低,從加州過來一下就感到工資翻了兩倍。很大的落差。本地人太幸福了!我自己很清楚,十年前加州的油價就比這邊貴,從最貴的城市到這裡,哇,東西真是便宜的不得了。」 「我們和加州的工資差距不是很大,可能10%,但房價差了70%。」
現在Hannah的很多客戶搬到加州,回頭告訴她:「Hannah,我要回來投資。」“去了那邊以後更感到要回來,暫時不能回來的,投資也要投回來。」 Hannah說。
據Hannah介紹,北卡是中國在美國投資的第四大州,投資項目包括企業、房地產,投資金額僅次於加州、紐約、德州。Hannah公司的網頁caryraleighrealty.com每天都給客戶提供相關的投資信息。她說:「這邊的人工資都很高,很捨得消費、吃,各種設施都很好,所以我們需要把這個地方告訴更多的人,讓他們來這裡創業。我們這裡股票的市贏率,就是P/E ratio,絕對是最低的,還沒有漲。我們現在這邊缺的只是人口,只要這邊的人口一上來,這個房價就會漲。」
「買房和股票不一樣,股票今天賺了明天有可能虧,買房就像買磚頭,今天買了明天顧客幫你付房貸,你的租金按照通貨膨脹去漲,所有與房子有關的都可以抵稅。」Hannah認為,「有錢人不但會賺錢,還要會投資,錢不是省出來的。不過要根據個人的收入和負債比例來把握。」她說: 「北卡這塊餅很大,這裡需要更多的人來。我希望有更多的房地產經紀人把更多的人帶到這裡。為甚麼要去加州投資?那邊八、九十萬的房子我們這邊二、三十萬就能買到。」



Jun 19, 2015 (CHINA STAR WEEKLY)

分享: 陈海娜在她的办公室接受采访。

  【侨报特约记者王云霏/尹彬报道】北卡三角房地产投资(Cary Raleigh Realty)的责任经纪人陈海娜(Hannah Chan)是一位在三角区靠自己的打拼,开创出一片天地的华人,也是一位与众不同的房地产经纪人。本期的人物专访就由她做主角。

发展房地产事业 不做“皮包公司”


事业与信仰 两者兼顾


扩大华人影响力 你我有责

  陈海娜道出自己的另一桩心愿,就是借著自己事业的影响力能够在社区里塑造华人的形象。她曾经应邀参加一个参议员的筹款活动,并表示,希望下一步不仅仅是支持,而是参与。她希望可以通过自己的事业体现身为华人的价值,在华人受到不公平待遇时,能够通过美国主流社会认可的方式与对方谈判和解决,而不是一味地摆出华人受到不公待遇的姿态,那样反而不被美国人欣赏。一个例子是陈海娜曾经帮助顾客通过反覆用邮件交流的方式来与房主进行沟通,最终使问题得到了圆满解决,双方都很开心。也因为这半个“文化大使”的身份,使得带孩子来北卡三角地区上学的父母们,在学校要求填的Emergency Contact里都放陈海娜的名字,也是对她沟通能力的一种很好的信任。



June 9, 2015  Raleigh #1 Rental Real Estate Investment

Excerpts from the TBJ article:

"Raleigh is currently the best market for rental real estate investment in the Southeastern U.S. and the sixth best market in the country as a whole, according to a recent report from All Property Management."

"Raleigh’s claim to the top ranking is largely due to high 7.63 percent year-over-year appreciation in median rental prices, almost three times the national average rental appreciation of 2.71 percent, according to the report.
An influx of residents has led to Raleigh's moderately low vacancy rate of 4.80 percent. A 5.78 percent appreciation in property values adds to its appeal, the report states.
The city’s job growth rate of 3.49 percent was also one of the best in the country in the first quarter of 2015.
All Property Management predicts that Raleigh's future job growth will be the fifth best in the U.S. in the coming quarter."

Raleigh #1 Rental Market in the Southeast


Is real estate a good investment? read our latest posting on our Facebook or Google+ page.


May 29, 2015

Top Real Estate Agents in the Triangle Listed by Triangle Business Journal

Hannah Chan ranked #17


May 29, 2015

This family in Boston is looking to move to South for "the biggest bang for bucks". They definitely have the right idea but the BusinessInsider article didn't mention the Cary Raleigh area.

We know what the Cary Raleigh area can offer a lot more than Virginia. If any of you and/or your friends are thinking of the same, moving South. We can definitely help. Give us a call.

Check out our newly revamped company web site for helpful local information for your relocation considerations.


It is finally here. Hannah Chan is featured in the May issue of Cary Magazine.

"This is a place (Cary) that I feel everyone can succeed if you do business with integrity, you take care of your clients, and you have a serving heart." -- Hannah Chan

February 2 2015
Hannah Chan, Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. was interviewed by the Cary News after the breakfast meeting with the Cary Mayor. Her comments are in the blue-lined box in the attached newspaper clips!

February 1 2015
2015 State of the Town Address by Cary Mayor Harold Weinbrecht. A good place to learn more about Cary!! Why so many people call Cary homes!

It was an honor for Hannah Chan to meet with Cary Mayor and Cary Town Manager at the Preston Country Club on 28th January, 2015 for breakfast.

January 14, 2015

Congratulations to Hannah Chan selected for the 2015 Triangle Realtors Leadership Academy. Learning more to serve you better.

December 12, 2014

Hannah Chan was elected by Triangle Business Journal as Top 25 Residential Real Estate Agents in 2013.

Hannah joined the 2014 TBJ Power Party at PNC Arena. The Power Party was the most exclusive party invited by the organizer to mingle with another Top leaders in the Triangle! It was publised in the China Press News 14 Dec 2014.

January 8, 2014

Cary-Raleigh Realty, Inc. New Office Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Grand Opening Celebration!
We are grateful to have so many friends and special guests from Town of Cary, Heart of Cary Association and Cary Chamber to join us today. We are excited to have our new office in Downtown Cary and surrounded by all the nice folks and honored to do business here.

Questions? Just Ask!

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